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Do not let the website fool you, under impress you. Yes, I could have made it all slick and professional looking. With wow graphics and effects, etc. But, I chose instead to be different and give it just a simple, homey, and even kind of tongue-cheek humorous look. My intent was not like other webpage's that try to impress you and sell you with a bunch of glitz and blah, blah. I chose instead to just give you something more real and that leaves no question as to my skills, expertise, the results I deliver. The outstanding job I do for people. Every job I do is as if I was doing it for myself. I give no less than what I would want for myself. I haven't been working on personal computers for a few years, or even the average number of years for people in the profession. I started working on computers when only large corporations, banks, insurance companies, the military, NASA, and large universities, etc. had computers. Then when personal computers came along I started working on them, fixing them and teaching glasses about them. Yes, I have been involved studying, researching and repairing PC's since they first came out. Anyways, I didn't want to be like everyone else and try and sell myself with how cool my website looked. I set up a number that clients could call and record in their own voice and their own words their experience. What they thought about the job I did for them. In the first place, most people aren't going to even take the time to call and tell about their experience on my behalf. Unless they really appreciated the job I did for them! Most websites have some printed testimonials. Then at the bottom of each they have a person's name. Such as Larry Jones, J. Smith, Alicia Johnson, etc. Just made up names. Well you know in a lot of cases they are. How is anyone going to know? It's just a way to make them sound good. Like they know what they are doing and do a good job. But, do they really? Or was it just some creative writing by the owner or the website designer? My testimonials are real people, most of them local that can be called and spoken to to verify. They are real! Just go down to "What people are saying... Listen (references) ----> Click on a name below" and do check it out for yourself :-)




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For about the last 5 years I have tried to give at least 1 free repair a month, to someone in need. It used to be that a PC was a luxury. Just a form of entertainment, a way to organize ones personal information, a convenient and easy way to pay bills and track expenses, etc. Now it has become a necessity. People out of work need one to find a job, write and keep an up to date decent resume, to fill out and submit an application, etc.  Kids need one to do their homework assignments. Get information for reports and just basic research to be able to answer questions on homework assignments. Senior citizens need one to get up to date health information, get information on symptoms they may be experiencing all of a sudden. Be able to take advantage of discounts on all kinds of items that are only available online. And so on. I met a woman one time who was a single mom trying to get back into the job market. She was crying because she had spent money that should have gone for food and clothes for her family... on a professionally done resume. You know that competition for the few jobs there are available is tough. Anyways, no company would look at her resume. She begged them to let her send it to them in the mail. She offered to bring it to them personally. The answer was NO each time. They said, that the only way they looked at resume/applications for employment was from their server. For anything to get into the process it had to be uploaded to their corporate website. She was heartbroken. Not only was her resume unusable in most situations... she had spent money that was desperately needed for food, clothing and other necessities. I had a call from a counselor at a local high school. He asked if there was anything I could do. He had a student (sophomore) who was failing and had all but decided to drop out of high school. He had no working PC to be able to get homework assignments or to be able to complete them with. Also, he just felt odd and dumb that he didn't have a basic thing that other kids (his peers) did. He felt embarrassed... ashamed. I told the counselor to tell the kid that I would make an adequate functioning PC for him from a PC I had, using parts from another. I'll tell you... if a kid ever deserved help, it was that kid. The counselor told him to call me. He did and I told him I would give him a computer. He said, he couldn't take it. I asked why? he said, because he couldn't pay for it. I said, you don't understand... I will give it to you for nothing. He said, I can't do that, it's not right. OMG, what a good kid! I thought for a bit, and then I told him that he could do some work for me... to repay me. Then he said, ok. He got his PC and he showed up when promised to help me with some chores I needed done. I got a call from the high school counselor toward the end of the semester. I could hear the smile in his voice. The boy had not only re-engaged, back into trying to get do the necessary school work for a proper high school education... but he was on track to make the "Dean's List." As far as I am concerned, you can't put a price on stuff like that! Sometimes all someone needs to succeed, to take care of themselves and contribute to society... is to know that someone cares about them. Sometimes all that is needed is for someone to level the playing field for them.

So, if you come across someone that needs their PC repaired and can't afford it... please let me know. And I will try and help them. Aside from a single mom or a dad needing the ability to find a job in today's technological world. There may be some old person that can no longer stay in touch with their family, though email. Or get to see pictures of grandkids and other family members. Old people that are lonely and being made to be even lonelier because they are cutoff from using email, their ability to use the internet to pass their time, enhance their days in the many ways available via the internet, etc. Some people are resigned to just leaving their PC that no longer works in the closet. Because they can't afford to get it repaired. You know how much most computer repairs shops, or the Geek Squad charges... even for basic repairs... let alone a serious to fix, or a hard problem to diagnose. The world is not about money. It's about people. I always said that I would probably never become rich. Because I loved people more than money. Guess what... it came true. Lol. Be on the look-out, and make that call if you find someone genuinely in need. Someone that is not able to have the use of a PC because they can't afford to get theirs fixed.

Peace ~